Auto-load mathjax extension

I’m a physics student and many of my notes are about physics and so I use a lot of latex maths. The physics extension is not auto-loaded and I have been putting $\require{physics}$ in my notes.

Is there a way to auto-load this extension, at least for those vaults where physics is the main subject?

The Extended MathJax plugin allows you to use a preamble in Obsidian, so you can put \require{physics} in your preamble.sty.

Thanks, I tried this but it didn’t work. I think I put the the \require{physics} inside $$ though. Maybe that was a mistake.

Yeah, that won’t work. Only put \require{physics} without dollar signs.

Just in case, let me mention one more thing: don’t edit your preamble.sty in Obsidian. If you do it, your preamble will be and will not be recognized by the plugin.