Auto-generated next actions

I’m trying to find a way to use Obsidian as my main GTD engine.

My main use case that I’m struggling to find a solution for is an automatically generated next actions list, similar to Nirvana or OmniFocus.

Specifically, it should:
-check each file marked as a project
-collate the first task listed in each project
-pick up the next task upon completion

Is this something currently achievable? I was looking at the DataView and Tasks plug-ins.

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I think it should be possible with DataView (I don’t know enough about Tasks). Essentially you’d be selecting the first incomplete task from certain files. I can’t provide detail’s because I don’t actually use DataView, but it has fairly good documentation. If that doesn’t help, maybe someone here can. There’s also a DataView channel or thread (and another for tasks or task management) in Obsidian’s Discord server.

It’s doable, and it has been done before, so see something like the following:


Thank you! Just need to adjust for my workflow (or adjust my workflow for it).

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