Auto format footers when moving from document to document

Use case or problem

I use the Zettelkasten system inside Obsidian, which means I am constantly using note refactor to move text in a note to other notes.
This becomes a problem for footers, since if the text I select has footers, I cannot easily move those over without messing up both the original document and the changed document.

Proposed solution

It would be great if in note composer or note refactor, moving text with footers would automatically move the corresponding bottom footnotes.

Current workaround (optional)

I use a combination of the linter plugin to auto reformat the footers:

I also use the footnote shortcut plugin to recreate each of them.
However, footnote shortcut is a buggy experience, and it is just too many steps to refactor everything, leaving me with the option of either not using footers at all (replacing with links which clutters up the note) or just using a monolith of a document and writing all my content there.
Also, by using Linter, my numbering becomes off, since I may merge multiple documents, each which contain the same footer number.