Auto-complete links are relative after moving files

I moved my files to a few directories (mirroring the organization I used to use in Logseq). So, for example, I have a page about my friend called [[Nick]], and that used to be a file called in the root, and now it’s in pages/ [[Nick]] still works, but I have to be extra precious about typing it because Obsidian wants to write it as [[../pages/]] from a journal entry (these are now in journals/).

On new files, this doesn’t happen - I’ve set new pages to be populated in pages/ and new files have an absolute link.

Things I have tried

I saw what looked like a similar issue where someone could re-index files that were moved using the Reload app without saving command, but this doesn’t change the behavior. I have of course also quit and re-loaded the app.

What I’m trying to do

I would prefer that I can type a page name in a link and not have to hit escape twice to prevent obsidian from making it a relative link. This only happens for old files from before that have been moved into the pages folder.

Ok - after writing this up and looking at more topics, I realized this is actually configurable in the links & files preferences, setting my links to be “shortest possible”. Solved!

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