Auto Bullet Point Plugin

Folks, i already saw amazing plugins in this community, that appears to be any engineering masterpiece. Hence my question , is difficulty to make obsidian more like outliner, with auto bullet points, before typing ?
i know that there is a outliner plugin, but for me it dosn’t make any difference, and dosnt have that feature.

“Auto bullet points”?

If you hit CTRL+ENTER a bulletpoint appears. If you then enter text and hit the Enter, the next one appears. What exactly are you searching for?

in theory, this would work
but i always have to hit that shortcut, most of times i copy stuff from pdfs, web, and have to keep using the shortcut, and sometimes bullets just gone, (mistyping on keyboard)
im searching a persist bullet point (something you can toggle on and off)

make a default template that only has a bullet in it. So when you create a new page you can immediately start typing. Not sure how copy-paste from PDF are handled in that case.
And as mentioned hitting Enter will create a bullet on the next line.

nice idea bro, i bet you work at NASA

On a new line you don’t need a hotkey or template — type a dash and a space (- ) at the start of a line (you can also type it at the start of an existing line of text , it’s just a little more hassle to place the cursor).

For stuff copied from elsewhere that needs bullet points applied, select the whole pasted text, open the command palette, type “bul”, and pick “Toggle bullet list” or “Cycle bullet/checkbox”. You can bind the command to a hotkey,

I know neither of those are automatic, but hopefully they’ll help a little.

yeah bro, can you put this in feature request ?
i think is a doable feature that dosnt look difficult to add in obsidian (like a toggle to switch on and off), and some people could like

thanks in advance

I’d recommend posting a feature request on the Outliner plugin’s Github issues page. I’m surprised it doesn’t already have this feature.