Auto Backup & History Vision Recory

Ooooops As you see ,the bad things happened when I had typeds thousands of words when the computer&software crashed ! it’s so angry and then I want to cry! Why did you to create the Auto Backup Function or history vision recory??? As I know ,the most of markdown editor has this functions like github or jupyter notebook, I thinks its not diffcult for your teams ! Thank you and glad to reply this message!

Created by a chinese user in Hefei

That’s all

does this plugin support for you to take a backup?


Sorry I have so many ways or file path to save my notes excepts the gits because the is so lowest in the big china network . I just need a local backup plugins or functions! And I think the first funciton is auto backup or rev. recory .
The Happening Crash can make user do destory the computer and the important things is that the methods and thoughts can’t be re-record aging

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If all you need is local backup and history, you can use git (a free command-line tool) without using Github (a website).

What exactly happened when your computer crashed? Did you lose all the data on your hard drive? Or did your Obsidian note just become empty or corrupted? Was it the only note you lost?

Did you check in the place where you store your Vault? Maybe the file is still there, but it is just not linking in Obsidian?

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I get your frustration @rywbl there’s no worse feeling than losing your valuable files. like @rigmarole said, try to see if the files still exist in your computer or in .trash in your obsidian folder (which is a hidden file).

For the future like @rigmarole said you can do a git version control without the need of connecting it to GitHub /GitLab

Although, putting things in a GitHub / GitLab is always a great idea (in case your computer fails), you can even have your project in private. (even if your internet is slow, you can just leave things loading in the background) a slow backup is better than no backup.

I’m not sure if you know this process for git, but it might be useful for you or others, so I’ll put it here.

in the terminal

cd to/your/obsidian/folder 
git init
git add .
git commit -m "this is a comment"

then for every back up you can just do

cd to/your/obsidian/folder 
git add .
git commit -m "this is a backup comment"

and like @koKekkoh said there’s a way to do all of this from inside Obsidian with this amazing plugin.

I don’t think it’s fair to blame the Obsidian developers, they do a great job and the software is still in beta. Backups are the user’s responsibility.

I understand if your post came off sounding rude without intending to, (English isn’t my first language either so I get you) hope this helps

Good luck!