Audio won't play on an ipad

What I’m trying to do

Play audio in a note on an iPad

Things I have tried

Rebooted iPad, checked the audio exists and is correctly linked to, checked that sync is syncing the audo files

So I have a vault with a number of notes, each with containing an audio file. The pages were built on a Macbook and synced with an iPad. The audio plays just fine on the Mac but doesn’t on the iPad. The play controls are there in the note, the play icon changes to a pause icon but the audio doesn’t play.

The actual audio files (mp3) won’t play either.

This is a vault that was created some time ago aside from a couple of notes edited, nothing much has change in it.

Other apps are playing audio just fine,

I’ve tried everything I can think of but I’m stuck. Any thoughts appreciated

Can you upload a copy of a/the file that’s not working somewhere so we can check?

It could be a codec issue.

It’s currently any mp3 file. Only with this vault and on the iPad. Everything plays fine in obsidian on MacBook and iPhone. And like I said, this was all worked fine on the iPad a couple of weeks ago.

Other vaults with similar audio attachments play fine.

Got it. If it’s only happening in that vault, I’d try all the debugging steps (again, if you haven’t yet):

You could also create a new test vault on the iPad, copy a few audio files in and make a few notes to see if the issue persists there.

Nwe vault … good idea. thanks

OK, so new vault, reconnect … still audio won’t play.

I can’t report this as a bug, it seems too specific to my setup so annoyingly, I think I’m going to have to find a different solution. Bugger.

Hmm. Are you using Obsidian Sync? I’m not sure how sync would affect anything, but I’d try creating a completely local test vault (no Obsidian Sync, no iCloud) and pasting a few audio files in there, or using the Files app on iPadOS to paste a copy in that test vault. Worth a shot.

I tried this, on the iPad:

  1. New vault
  2. New note
  3. record audio

I get a playbar with ‘Error’ in it. (see screen grab below)

So then I tried adding audio into a Notion page on the macbook. When i tried to play it on the iPad, again, it doesn’t play.

As I said before, all this worked a few weeks ago so I think it must be an iPadOS problem.

I’ll KYP if anything changes.

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FWIW: wav files won’t play either.

Sorted. It’s a probelm with iPadOS 17.4 (beta). I reverted back to 17.3 and it’s all working.

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