Audio "Recording In Progress" Indicator

What I’m trying to do

When I’m recording an audio clip with the core plugin, there is no indication that audio is recording. Is there any way to have any sort of “recording in progress” indicator?

Things I have tried

Couldn’t find any community plugins for audio recording that might do this.

“Audio Recording in progress” “audio recording indicator”

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I don’t know about other themes, but on my, there’s a slight red highlight (LYT kit theme). See the image below!

I’m not sure if this is an issue with your specific theme, where the color of the highlight and the background matches?


I should have noted - i’m on iphone! I don’t even have the microphone button, I just have to click “start/stop recording” from the hamburger menu. Second screenshot is while it’s recording.

Ahhhh… In that case, I have no clue. :joy:

Hope someone else comes to help!!

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