Audio player not visible on other devices

Things I have tried

I’ve search for audio player in the help docs and this forum and not found this issue.

What I’m trying to do

When I record audio in the Windows app, I see this:


When I view it in the Android mobile app, I see this:


And vice versa when I record on mobile and view in the web app: I see the player in the Android page and the webm link in the Windows page.

In the .md file, the transcluded link looks the same in both places:

![[Recording 20230105101755.webm]]

In summary, I’m able to record and play back audio in the web app, but that audio file is not playable (for lack of the player interface) in Android. Likewise, I’m able to record and play back in the Android app, but the file recorded there does not render in the player format in Windows.

I’m probably missing a setting somewhere (I’m a newbie), but how do I get the player to display for audio player files recorded on all devices?

Could this be a variant of this reply on another post?

How are you syncing your files? Obsidian Sync doesn’t sync audio files (and various other things) by default (there’s a setting you can enable).

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