Audio Notes created on iOS won't sync through iCloud

Steps to reproduce

  • record an audio note on Obsidian iOS, which is synced to iCloud

Expected result

Audio note shows up and is playable on my Mac and iPhone, in the same way it shows up on the iPad where it was created (as an inline audio player).

Actual result

Since iOS version creates the note as
![[Recording 20210830232811.m4a]], on all other devices, it shows up as a referenced link. The actual note/file “Recording 20210830232811.m4a” is just a blank note when I click it. On the iPad where it was created, it shows up as an inline audio player.


  • Operating system: iPad OS 14.6, Mac OS 11.0.1
  • Obsidian version: newest version on iOS, Mac v 0.12.12

did you enable sync of audio files?

Sorry, I must have missed this. How do I enable audio sync specifically? Images have been syncing without changing any settings.

I apologize, I thought you where using Obsidian Sync. If you are using icloud, I don’t know how to help you.

is this expected behavior with icloud sync? If i need obsidian sync for this, i’ll happily pay for it.

No, iclould should sync everything.