Audio note recording in obsidian mobile

Use case or problem

I would love it if I could record an audio note directly into a file in Obsidian to then process with the available plugins on desktop later

Audio notes are one of the best ways to capture ideas in the moment when you’re out and about and away from your computer. The availability of AI transcription means that audio notes are far easier to work.

Currently, there is no way to record an audio note directly into an obsidian file on mobile which means that if we want to leverage this efficient form of input we have to use other tools which introduces unnecessary friction.

Proposed solution

Allow users to record an audio note directly into a file in obsidian mobile. Transcription is not necessary as there are community plugins that can handle this, though it would be a wonderful added bonus.

Current workaround

Record an audio note using tools like and google recorder and manually move the transcript and file to obsidian.

Tana has this functionality already and, paired with its AI capabilities, is incredibly useful.

You can record an audio note directly into Obsidian: Audio recorder - Obsidian Help

You may need to enable it in Settings > Core Plugins first.

Alternatively, the iOS keyboard has a microphone button for direct transcription and I believe that’s common on Android too.

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Thanks so much! I thought i had a good look before i made this post, but obviously not.

I built a plugin to transcribe my audio notes with Whisper speech-to-text a while ago, for this exact use case of recording on my phone and then transcribing. There’s a self-hosted solution as well as a cloud-based one.

The plugin: Obsidian Transcription

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