Audio from mobile not syncing on desktop

I’m trying to use both obsidian desktop and mobile apps for the same vault, using mobile for fleeting\daily notes with frequent use of obsidian’s integrated audio recorder. Everything sync okay except audio files.

TLDR: the recorded audio file (on mobile, android) does not get synced on destkop app ; no audio file is created on the vault local folder (windows10) ; issue seems limited to .wbem obsidian recorded files, and not to other .m4a audio files.

What I’m trying to do, current set up :

  • On opening, mobile creates automatic daily note
  • The audio recording is anchored in the note, and stored in a separate file\attachment on the phone (I can access it with a wikilink on the note, and via folder path).
  • stores in the folder “fleeting” in the main vault (with the main zettel another folder)
  • synces it up on desktop
  • everything is okay except audio: on the synced daily note is writtent “file name not created yet. click to create”.
  • If I click to create, it opens a new note for the audio files, but without the original recording (.wbem format).

Things I have tried

  • Switching sync on\off on both devices
  • Set up audio syncing on both
  • Looked in local folders
  • Tried to toy up with links and tags (…)
  • Set up local folder path for attachments on creation (desktop only)
  • Verified that audio were not “excluded files” in file and links settings
  • Upload\sync logs on both device and desktop do not mention audio with obsidian recorder .webm files.

Thanks a lot for the help :slight_smile:
And kudos to the developpement teams and plugging contributors for the awesome work!

Post a screenshot of your obsidian sync settings and attach your sync logs. Of both devices.

I’m having the same issue.

Post a screenshot of your obsidian sync settings and attach your sync logs. Of both devices.

Hi all,
I got the solution from obsidian support (thanks Johannes!):
“You can sync audio files created by enabling the integrated audio recorder with the “Sync videos” option. webm is both a video and audio format.”

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