Audio emblemed inside table (cannot click nor see the play button)

Steps to reproduce

  1. Disable custom theme
  2. Create table and in one of the cell link audio file


Expected result


Actual result


  • Operating system: Mac Os
  • Obsidian version: 0.9.9

Additional information

  1. Current behavior is unusable for clicking on play button nor to see the audio time when the audio is inside table.
  2. What is the purpose the “…” button in audio player UI? Nobody care and need download audio option there, when we all have all the data…
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Did this happen in previous versions?

Cannot say for older version… only for 0.9.7-8- it gives also same results.

This issue still exists in 0.13.19. Audio embedded in a table is very tricky to use. Maybe set a minimum width for the audio module? cc @WhiteNoise

@WhiteNoise Still no fix?