Attempting install of GitHub-based plugin using BRAT results in "main.js is missing from Release"

What I’m trying to do

Install in my Obsidian vault.

Things I have tried

Using BRAT, click on “Add beta plugin” and put that URL in the form. BRAT puts up a message that says “This release is not complete and cannot be download. main.js is missing from the Release.” There is a main.ts file in the src/ directory, though—TypeScript versus JavaScript.

Is there an alternative path for installing outside-of-known-community-plugins that doesn’t involve BRAT?

Try BambusControl’s Unicode Search plugin from the plugin store instead. It is working.

Ah, — very good. Thanks for that pointer. I wonder if it can be taught the ::syntax for more rapid typing in addition to the search command.

I am not sure I understand. I recommend using the Typing Transformer plugin for any kind of autocorrection rules.

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