Attachment folder issues for new user

Just migrated to Obsidian from Joplin (long story). All of my Joplin files imported seamlessly!

However, Joplin calls attachments “resources” and I have a resources folder in my folder list that was not there in Joplin. All of the images and pdf files in it seem to link well with my notes.

I would like to rename/relocate that folder to put it at the bottom of the folder list but I’m concerned that it will break all the links. I don’t know how the native attachment folder in Obsidian is placed or even labeled.

Q: Can I just rename that resources folder without breaking something that will take me many hours to fix?

That may not be what you want, or I don’t understand what that means.

There are various settings under Files’n’Links.
You may want this one then:
Screenshot from 2023-09-14 20-54-14

  • This means there is one resources folder.

I use multiple assets folders under each folder:
Screenshot from 2023-09-14 20-56-56

  • Having assets for folder name is better because other apps also make use of the same folder name (Taio, for instance on iOS and MacOS).
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Fixed it!

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Efficiently dealt with.

You are hired.

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