Attaching multiple images at once

Use case or problem

I took 6 pictures on my android phone and I wanted to save them in my obsidian vault.

I had to go at the bottom of my note, click the attachment icon, and I selected one image, but I couldn’t select multiple of them. I had to go through the attachment loop 6 times until I saved all my images. I’ve tried using the normal Files app that shows when you add an attachment, as well as going from the Files app to the Gallery and selecting the files there.

Proposed solution

The possibility to disable this limit of single attachment.

#attachment #vault #note #multiselect android mobile


:heart: I love Obsidian and happily pay for sync.

:pray:t2: I also would love to multiselect attachments on mobile to avoid the tedium of one-at-a-time.

:mag: After searching plugins, there doesn’t appear to be a third-party solution.

:thinking: I wonder how many users struggle with this issue (or simply avoid attaching files in bulk due to the inconvenience).

:gear: Intuitively (i.e. unconfirmed) it wouldn’t surprise me if the file attachment API driving the selection modal has an option to allow for multiselect. Otherwise, why does the UI tell me I have 1 item selected and allow me to select with a long-press, as if I were multiselecting? If the interface wasn’t designed for multiselect, I wouldn’t expect this second method for selection (in addition to a single tap, which gets the job done efficiently).

:pinching_hand:t2: All that to say, I’d bet this is a very fast and easy feature to implement :grin:.

:writing_hand:t2: Thank you to the developers for this delightful product. It’s so easy and fun to use that I now write daily. This simple habit has a significant, ongoing, positive impact on my life, professionally and personally.