Associate (link) tag with a note (on the graph)


There is such a case that I need to COMPLETELY link the tag to the note, and the tag can be nested

Here is a screenshot with two options (the Graph Nested Tags plugin is also used here GitHub - drPilman/obsidian-graph-nested-tags: A small plugin for Obsidian that links nested tags in graph view)

The reason is, as you can see in the screenshot, the graph is overloaded with duplicates, which is not good

I would like the note to be fully integrated into the tag. At the same time, such note-related tags should somehow visually stand out.

P.S. If there are some best practices - for such cases - share! IMPORTANT - the note can be linked to a NESTED tag!

At the same time, there are cases when it is clearer to me to knit a tag, and sometimes it is necessary to link the content of a note through ![[note]]. I would like to use both bundle tools, while seeing 1 node on the graph, not two