Assign section of unformatted text to heading to appear on a separate note

What I’m trying to do : Similar to NVIVO coding. I want to select previously listed items I have copied and pasted from a word document and then assign them to a heading. These items should now come up in the note for that heading. I want to be able to see all the content highlighted under that heading across different notes and then be able to see a compliation of all the highlighted data within the one note. Effectively, I want to see content by a date, keyword or heading, author for literature or topic. But I don’t want to have to manually create notes for each data view. If that makes sense.

Things I have tried I’m really new to Obsidian. I have tried selecting the text, creating a new note and pasting it in and then creating a link. But the link is only to the heading of the note.

Tried text transporter but I couldnt see any commands or options
Tried merging to new note

Searched for labelling selected text to assign to note without losing original note content