Assign Notes to an Outline Structure

Dear Obsidian Community and Developers,

I am reaching out to inquire about the possibility of a new plugin development that could significantly enhance the functionality of Obsidian for users like myself.

I am looking for a plugin that allows assigning individual notes to an overarching outline or a table of contents. This feature would be distinct from the current capabilities of the Outliner plugin, which focuses on organizing content within a single note. Instead, I am interested in a tool that can integrate multiple notes into a structured, hierarchical outline.

The key features I envision for this plugin include:

  1. Hierarchical Organization: Ability to create a master outline that links to different notes, each representing a section or a sub-item of the outline.
  2. Dynamic Updating: The outline should dynamically update to reflect changes in the notes, such as title changes or the addition/removal of sections.
  3. Navigation Ease: Easy navigation through the outline, allowing users to click on an item in the outline to jump directly to the corresponding note.

Kind regards,

I would do this with a list of links in its own note:

- [[example]]
    - [[sub example]]
    - [[sibling of sub example]]
- [[sibling of example]]

This meets all 3 requirements (except possibly the part of no. 2 about sections, which I’m not sure I understand).

Otherwise, I think the Breadcrumbs plugin may do what you want. (See also Excalibrain which is partly inspired by it.)

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Maybe I don’t understand very well, but you can simply obtain the result with an outline made of links to the notes you have. It’s very simple to write, you don’t need a special feature.

I have this kind of structure in some of my notes, I start creating an outline flow of text, when a row or group of rows grows enough, I extract a portion of the text in a note ad replace it in the outline with a link to the created note. So the outline of text become an outline of links to other notes.

Sometimes use a different method, I have already taken notes, I build an outlike of the links to the notes and the outline become the index of this group of notes

Maybe I did’t make myself clear: What I would like a plug in that allows me to assign notes to different parts of an outline via drag and drop. When I click on the chapter or sub-chapter in the outline, all the notes are shown and they can be rearrange and printed for example. A lot of knowledge management tools (like citatvi for references or auratikum) have it and I’m surprised that obsidian doesn’t.


  1. Hierarchical Outline Creation: The plugin should enable users to effortlessly create an intricate outline structure within Obsidian. This structure would include multiple levels, such as chapters, subchapters, and sub-subchapters, allowing for a detailed and organized breakdown of topics or projects.
  2. Drag-and-Drop Functionality for Notes: A crucial feature of this plugin would be the ability to drag and drop notes from the Obsidian vault into specific sections of the outline. This functionality should be seamless, enabling users to intuitively organize their notes under various headings and subheadings of the outline.
  3. Dynamic Overview and Navigation: Clicking on any chapter or subchapter within the outline should display a list of all the notes categorized under it. This feature would provide a quick and comprehensive view of the notes associated with each section of the outline, enhancing navigability and accessibility.
  4. Rearrangement and Editing Capabilities: Users should be able to rearrange the notes within the outline easily. This would involve moving notes between different sections or changing their order within a section, thus allowing dynamic editing of the outline structure according to evolving requirements or insights.
  5. Export Functionality: The plugin should offer the capability to export the organized outline along with the linked notes into a cohesive PDF document. This feature would be invaluable for users looking to compile their notes into a structured, presentable format for sharing, publication, or personal archiving.