Assign hotkey to open a specific note?

Is there a way to assign a hotkey to open a specific note?
I have 2 “GTD to do notes” (personal/work) and I want to be able to open these with a hotkey.

I know there is this plugin “Rollover Daily To do’s”, but I actually want to keep the to do’s separated from my daily notes and I want personal and work separated, hence looking for an alternative.

Currently I have 2 notes:

    1. GTD
    1. GTD Work

Both show up in my “right side pane” because I use the “Checklist” plugin. Because of the added '0. ’ to the filename, they show up in top of the list, which I like.

However, would be great to be able to assign a hotkey to both files.



not sure about a hotkey, but several techniques come to mind:

Cmd (or ctrl in Win) O - opens the “Open Quick Switcher” dialog, type the first letter or so and you’re off to the races.

There is a core plugin “Starred”, enable it, then navigate to that note, click More Options (upper right) and select “Star”. This file now appears in the “Starred” pane.

Yeah… that 's probably the closest for now: ctrl+p, and then type the ‘0’ (in my case), 1 tap down and enter… Thanks!
‘Starring’ the note I already did, but I want to minimize usage of mouse…


I think you are searching for my plugin hotkeys-for-specific-files Or in addition hotkeys-for-starred-files


Nice!! Thanks!

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Happy to help! (Maybe you can mark my message from before as a solution, so no one thinks you are still searching for help)

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Sorry. Done. Thanks
Exactly the functionality I needed… alt+1, alt+2, alt+3… really handy

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