As of September 2020: Use of Wiklinks

What’s your opinion? I use wikilinks ([[) at Obsidian and have set “Shortest path when possible” (Files). In other words: I don’t use the standard Markdown format for the links.

Reason: There will soon be a way to export the files to Markdown. Using the Wikilinks is easy to use.

Is this approach risky in the long term? Thank you for your assessment.


I’m doing the same thing, and I’m comfortable with this for the same reasons you are. Given Obsidian’s stated mission around portability and the relative ease of converting links to different formats, I feel pretty good about it. Also, there are more and more apps that recognize wiki-links.


That calms me down, thank you!

Hi @sam.baron,

would you still recomend to use wikilinks? I like them a lot for the clarity of the page but I have many problems with exports (i.e. via pandoc to word or even simple via plugin
Thanks for short feedback!