Artificial Zoom limit? (accessibility issue)

What I’m trying to do

I want to Zoom in further. I use Obsidian on a 4K screen and sometimes I want the regular text font in Obsidian to be even bigger.

Things I have tried

  • I’ve repeatedly pressed Cmd + +
  • I’ve ran the Zoom in command
  • I’ve searched for a plugin

So why does there seem to be an artificial zoom limit? According to the Electron docs there’s a default zoom limit but not a hard limit.


macOS 14.3.1, Obsidian v1.5.8 (Installer 1.5.8):

My zoom level seems to top out at 173%. Are you seeing the same?

You can also adjust the font size (top of the screenshot) independently of the interface.

I came looking for the opposite…

After version 1.1.9, the ability to zoom out and shrink the overall text display was severely limited.

On versions later than that, I am unable to get the display as small as I prefer.

Rarely, for an unknown reason, when I launch Obsidian, it comes up with a magnified/zoomed in display, ruining my setting because shrinking it with ctrl± all the way doesn’t get it down to my desired size. (i.e. it hits some artificial limit and cannot zoom out any more.)

The only way I’ve determined to get it back is going through a convoluted process of completely installing Obsidian and all its files, installing version 1.1.9 and launching my vault. Then I can decrease it to the desired size and restart and have it be the updated version from the autoupdate.

Is there any other way to shrink the display more in the latest versions?

Or could the wider magnify/shrink range from 1.1.9 be reimplemented (or the artificial zoom limits be removed entirely?)

I’ve added a custom CSS snippet to fix this for my needs.
(also posted here

I do this:

  • create a CSS file in your vault: .obsidian/snippets/general-font-size.css
  • add the CSS below
  • in Settings > Appearance > CSS Snippets enable the general-font-size snippet

You can change the --custom-font-size-base value to your liking, it should cascade into all values. If you want a different ratio between the font-size of the title and the font-size of the content change the 2 in --custom-title-size: calc(2 * var(--custom-font-size-base)); to a different number. Obsidian should immediately reflect the changed CSS.

/* Adjust content and metadata styling. Not tabs. */
:root {
  --custom-font-size-base: 20px;
  --custom-font-size: calc(1 * var(--custom-font-size-base));
  --custom-title-size: calc(2 * var(--custom-font-size-base));

.markdown-preview-view {
  font-size: var(--custom-font-size);

.inline-title {
  font-size: var(--custom-title-size);