Arranging Folders Below Notes in Sidebar

Things I have tried

  • Looking through community plugins
  • Searching the forum
  • Searching Obsidian Help

What I’m trying to do

Would love to be able to arrange folders below files in the sidebar. Is there a way to achieve this already, or might it be a feature request? As it stands, regardless of alphabetization, folders default the top of the stack.

You could use a plugin like “File Tree Alternative”.
It has different layouts, not sure if this answers your question though.

I’ll check it out. Thanks!

I am using Obsidian Bartender to do what you want to do: GitHub - nothingislost/obsidian-bartender: Allows for rearranging the elements in the status bar and sidebar ribbon

It offers a custom sort option to the File Explorer that allows drag and drop sorting.

Also see this thread: File Explorer Custom Sort - #119 by JohJoh. Obsidian Bartender comes up near the end.

Obsidian Bartender is not yet available in the Community Plugins so it is a little more work to install at this time.

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