Are you getting in the flow more frequently?

I have been using Obsidian regularly for some weeks now. It is great, and the community is awesome. I love how you can customize everything.

The best thing in my opinion is that it allows you to really focus. I surprise myself once and again using the browser only to search information and getting out fast. That’s great because Chrome had become a source of great distraction, even if I don’t use Facebook, and Twitter only on my phone. But email, the news, that very interesting article… there are lots of things that drag you away from doing your stuff.

Lately I have been reading, writing and working on Obsidian for hours in a row, getting easily in the flow as explained by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi.
I’d love to know how is it working for you


I think you’re experiencing a real effect—not placebo or novelty. Obsidian affords this effect because it reduces both extraneous and germane cognitive load, allowing you to have more mental capacity to work (and, in turn, because you experience less cognitive fatigue, you have more strength to resist distraction).


Yes, I think you are right.
Thank you for the reference :+1:

I’ve been using Obsidian to run daily startup & shutdown checklists at work, which is hugely helpful for starting my day in the right order, and for having a clean break once I’m finished. I also have a Deep Work checklist for getting into and out of more involved & cognitively demanding tasks.

The underlying practice and habits of working deliberately and ritualizing certain tasks is far more important than the medium, but Obsidian provides that frictionless medium. I’ve got it almost entirely down to keystrokes with the aid of Vim, and my ability to record and find information is still improving.

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