Are vaults in iCloud end-end encrypted? Is subscription needed?

I am syncing my vaults via iCloud right now b/w my laptop and phone. If I get the Obsidian Sync service:

  • Will the iCloud vault be end-end encrypted? If yes, does the obsidian app decrypt it when it loads the files?
  • Will my data/files also be synced to Obsidian servers?

Obsidian Sync and iCloud are 2 separate ways to sync a vault. Using iCloud does not require an Obsidian Sync subscription, and works the usual way (encrypted on Apple’s servers but not end-to-end encrypted). Your data is only synced to Obsidian’s servers if you use their sync service (in which case don’t also sync that vault with iCloud because it will cause problems).

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So I will get end-end encryption only if I use the Obsidian sync? (even though I can pay the subscription and use iCloud)

Right, you will only get end-to-end encryption if you use Obsidian Sync. Obsidian Sync won’t make iCloud end-to-end encrypted. You don’t need to pay for Obsidian Sync to use iCloud. You can sync some vaults with iCloud and others with Obsidian Sync, all on the same device.

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:frowning: . Would have been good if I owned by data (stored it in iCloud) and could have e-e encryption

Yes, I wish iCloud offered end-to-end encryption. Someday, perhaps.

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