Are there any plugins for drawing electronic circuit diagrams in a Note?

I’ve been using mermaid to draw flow diagrams (and modular synth patches) and music-abc for scores and music theory examples within Notes and really finding that useful.

I was wondering if there’s any plugins or even javascript libraries out there for creating circuit diagrams within Obsidian. I’ve had look and not found any so I’m guessing there isn’t but maybe someone knows of something? Is this something other people would find useful?

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You can kind of do that with Mermaid (Flow Charts or State Diagrams), but personally I don’t know any better way :sweat_smile:. You can look it up under these links:

Hope that helps a little

Maybe try the new Excalidraw plugin


There is a plugin called that has an electronics library for building those circuit diagrams. I’ve found it a little slow, but not terrible for taking notes.