Are quotes necessary for aliases?

Things I have tried

aliases: [202108211628]

doesn’t work, but

aliases: ["202108211628"]


What I’m trying to do

I’m trying to create an alias.

If quotation marks are necessary, someone should update the documentation Add aliases to note.

See this:

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I see. Numbers are the exceptions. They still need to update the documentation then.

Well, it seems then that the alias has to be string (makes sense!), which is processed differently from a number.

There is another reason why I always use quotes when giving an alias in square brackets: When the alias contains commas, it will split up if not in quotes, like so:

If I’m not mistaken,
aliases: [one, two, three]
gives these three aliases: „one“, „ two“, and „ three“,
aliases: [“one, two, three”]
gives just one alias, viz. “one, two, three”

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