Are Nested Vaults still not Recommended (Supported)?

I was wondering if Nested Vaults are now supported or if they still put your notes at risk.

Use Case

I am a University Student. I had one vault for my notes and had a Folder for every subject, but this setup quickly began to be messy. So, now each subject has its own vault.

However, I would still like to link between subjects.

So, I was thinking of creating a vault which had all the other subject vaults inside it, and I think it would be the best of both worlds.

However, I have found multiple forum posts that seem to say that Nested Vaults are a bad idea. The posts are a bit dated. See an example below:

So, is it ok to use nested vaults or not? I am honestly confused.

Thank You

I’ve used them for over two years now and never had a problem. afaics, they are lower risk than many plugins.

But they do allow you to mess up some of your links if you’re apt to be careless or don’t understand the way a nested system works (essentially sub-vaults can only see some of the files in the whole vault, each vault will save attachments in different folders, moving files has the potential to be disruptive). Unique file names are protective.

So, just to clarify, there won’t be any problems as long as file names are unique.

Question: Would I be able to link between sub-vaults?

Vaults can only see what is inside them. So a vault can see all the sub-vaults within it - they are just folders - and the folders can see each other.

However, when a sub-vault is open, it cannot see other sub-vaults and neither can it see anything in the main vault.

And links don’t work unless they can see the target.

If you’re interested in nested vaults, id suggest setting up trial vaults and testing how they work.


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