I’m hoping somebody more skilled at programming than I might want to take on building an plug-in for obsidian.

One was recently made for logseq GitHub - jellea/logseq-arena-plugin: Unofficial plugin for Logseq. After playing around with the node wrapper GitHub - ivangreene/arena-js: API wrapper for JavaScript and templater I was able to get some basic functionality working, however my js knowledge is very limited.

Proposed functionality

  • chooser to search and select public channels by keyword
  • chooser to list and select personal channels by keyword
  • get channel blocks by type
  • add channel block content to obsidian note using formatted templates (, block.title, block.url,, etc)
  • make new obsidian notes for each block using formatted templates
  • list connected channels / blocks
  • publish selected obsidian note to as markdown


  • easy to discover related connections outside of your note content
  • easy to add images, links, videos to notes without saving files, drag dropping etc
  • easy to bookmark content on mobile via apps