Are Canvases better than Maps of Content/Index notes?

For organizing documents, I think in terms of folder hierarchies, not atomic notes with links between them. During the pandemic, I read a lot about zettelkastens, and tried really hard to get into them, but it just didn’t stick.

I came to Obsidian looking for a better system of hierarchies. I wanted a system that would include notes on what each document is. One document might be live notes based on an interview, another document might be a marketing presentation, another might be notes from a Wall Street Journal article.

Document names in the Finder (the Mac file manager) were insufficient. I also wanted to show relationships between documents. This document is an article. This other document is notes on that article.

I’ve been using index notes (sometimes called “Maps of Content” here) for that purpose, and it has worked pretty well. This morning, I started wondering whether the Canvas would work better.