Archiving the Announcements category; the new Obsidian Blog and Changelog are live!

Today, we are launching the official Obsidian Blog and Obsidian Changelog which are hosted on the Obsidian site. These include the archive of past announcements and app updates and will be the place to visit going forward. We’ve even made some new RSS feeds you can follow.

With this, we are now archiving the Announcements category in this forum. Thanks for tracking releases and announcements here, and see you on the blog and the changelog!


Not sure if I’m the only one, but I really appreciated being able to track new Obsidian releases & announcements from notifications here on the forum. After participating here for 3 years, it’s my go-to place for all things Obsidian.

Could we get new blog posts & releases auto-posted here as well, even just links? Opens up the possibility for people to then comment on and discuss these topics here in the Obsidian community.


You can always still discuss releases here by opening a help thread. There has never once been a reply to release announcements, except the devs adding additional detail. And that wouldn’t have really been the best place to discuss anyway.

For alerts, there are ways to subscribe to RSS and receive an email, or trigger some other alert.