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Apologies if this FR appears elsewhere, but I couldn’t find it…

Use case or problem

As a long time Obsidian user, I have valued the plain-text approach that ensures the long-term survivability of my notes (if Obsidian goes away, all my notes, links, etc survive). I also love the bookmark feature and use it for project management, since (a) I often reuse content in multiple projects and (b) my projects often included binary files that can’t be tagged. But the relationships established by bookmark groups are ephemeral. I would like a feature/function/plugin that would enable a user to export a bookmark group to a plain-text, markdown file. Practically speaking, that would be archiving a bookmark group to markdown.

Proposed solution

The most straightforward solution (as it seems to me) would be a command that would export a selected bookmark group to a markdown file. If a bookmark group named Autos contained bookmarks to files called Ford, Toyota and Peugot, the output might be an ordered list of links: [[Ford]], [[Toyota]], [[Peugot]]… Conceptually, this feature would be similar to current ability to copy the results of a search.

Current workaround (optional)

For simple projects, I can manually create a new markdown file and drag individual bookmarks to create such a list list. But more complex projects have a hierarchy of groups and scores of files.

Related feature requests (optional)

Unsure - perhaps Note Combination (which predates the Bookmark functionality)

Thanks for considering, or advice on how to accomplish this.


This isn’t quite what you’re asking for, but in each vault bookmarks exist in the hidden settings folder .obsidian in the file bookmarks.json. If you just want the info, it’s there and readable. To produce a Markdown list from it would of course require some conversion.

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