Appreciating Obsidian and Inquiry on Syncing Service

Hello Obsidian Team and fellow users,

I’m thrilled to be part of this incredible community. Having recently discovered Obsidian, I’m absolutely astounded by its quality, especially as a free offering. A heartfelt thanks to everyone behind this fantastic product. The dedication to creating high-quality apps clearly shines through.

I’ve seamlessly integrated Obsidian into my daily life, using it on my Android tablet, iPhone, and Mac. The user experience across these platforms is exceptional, making it a pleasure to use your apps.

Now, onto my query regarding the syncing service. I’ve noticed the current promotion offering 50GB for the price of 10GB, a great deal for sure! My question pertains to what happens after reaching this 50GB limit. Will there be an option to purchase additional storage? If so, could you provide details on the pricing structure? Given my extensive use of PDFs and other materials, I anticipate potentially exceeding the 50GB limit and am curious about the options for expansion and associated costs.

Thank you once again for your incredible work and for nurturing such a supportive community.


Starting in January 2024, these will be the new Sync plans:

  • 10 GB for $10/mo, or $8/mo billed yearly
  • 100 GB for $20/mo, or $16/mo billed yearly

Here is the latest (from last week - November 21, 2023):


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