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Hi, Can I have an example of an appointment system in obsidian? something like, for example i want to help a client book an appointment for my boss, so i type her name inside a database with her name, ID, phone number, etc. so if next time, she wants to book an appointment again , i want to be able to just type the first few alphabets of her name and the rest of her details(NAme, ID, phone number etc.) will automatically be keyed into the database, for easy booking, is that possible? Please get back to me as soon as possible. Thank you. Regards, Chloe.

I’m quite new to Obsidian, so please don’t take my answer for an absolute truth.

I’m pretty sure Obsidian is not exactly the tool for this kind of notes (maybe Roam/Logseq or Notion… any database powered app out there).

You could workaround this need by creating one (or more, as far as I can tell) note in which you can insert all contact infos you need and then recall them by transcluding them in the note you need with this syntax: ![[^^BEGIN TYPING AND IT WILL AUTOCOMPLETE]]

Each time you reference to a contact this way you’ll be able to see in the righthand panel in which note it was included.

If this isn’t enough you should install some third party plugin like Dataview (that actually “transforms” Obsidian in a more-database-oriented app) and begin writing appropriate queries.

Hope this helps.

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