Apply yaml cssclass to edit mode

Currently the cssclass defined in front-matter only applies to preview mode. I like to make edit mode look as close to preview mode as possible so it would be great if you could apply this css class to an outer wrapper in edit mode too.


to add on to the feature request:
I think there should be an option to specify different cssclass for the edit and preview modes. (and wysiwyg mode, when that arrives)

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Hey yeah I was wondering if it was possible to add a css class to edit mode. Are there any workaround to achieve this?

also interested in this. I love the idea of applying custom css to specific notes, but I mostly use editor mode.

I wanna use this feature for my plugin. plus one!

Yes, with Live Preview coming, this is even more important now I would think.

Is it already in now? Iā€™m not sure. I just know that when I edit YAML in live preview, it is already applying syntax color highlighting.

This is becoming a common request among Minimal theme users now that Live Preview is available.

Minimal and other themes use YAML CSS classes in the frontmatter to enable various display options, but this is not yet possible in Live Preview.

Would be great to see this added!

Fully support this request, particularly in light of the release of Live Preview. +1

Would love to have this feature.

Will be implemented 0.13.20.


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