Apply templates automatically with "Auto Template Trigger"

Ever wished you could apply a specific template automatically in specific folder?
Ever wished to be prompted to pick a template, when creating a note?

All that’s possible now in Auto Template Trigger with minimal or no setup needed

But before that, let’s see what other options you might have:

  • Templater: It is a quite sophisticated plugin that adds a lot of features for templating. It also has a “Folder template” feature you can set up for this very use-case. Usually this is the recommended plugin for this kind of workflow. It works, it’s powerful, but do you need all that extra feature?

  • Quickadd: An extremely powerful macro and template engine, which allows you to create very complex workflows. You can create commands which create notes inside specific folders, with specific content. It’s not exactly the same behavior, but can be very similar, and might be exactly what you want. It’s much more powerful, I highly recommend learning it, but if you only want this feature, it might be too much setup, or cognitive overload.

And finally:

Auto Template Trigger
By defaul,t it prompts you to select a template on every new file you create.

Additionally, you can assign templates to folders, so you won’t be prompted to select a template, instead the assigned template will be automatically applied.

That’s all. It’s designed to be lightweight, quick, and simple.
Here is a quick :clapper: video showcasing it.

I made it because I wished I could apply a template automatically this way, and did not need the extra functionalities of a big plugin like Templater

I hope you find this plugin valuable, and feel free to give feedback or suggestions about it.
Have a beautiful day :wink: