Apply Tags to Files

I’m a music producer and I would love the ability to organize my sample library within Obsidian.

Being able to tag files would be awesome so they could easily be explored via the graph view or through searches. For example I’d ideally have a page per source of samples that referenced each sample based on where I got it, and then I might tag it as follows

  • Key
  • Type (Kick, Strings, Riser)
  • Qualities (Gritty, Dark, Melodic)

I could see this being useful for plenty of other professions that make heavy use of media files in their workflows.

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As a workaround you could make lists of links and tag those (but obviously that’s more work). There’s at least 1 community plugin that will automatically make notes that list files in folders, but I don’t know if there’s a way to then add tags without breaking things.

Or if there’s a way to highlight the files and drag their links into a file you could do that (prolly from a temporary folder before moving them to their real home).

You can use the MetaEdit plugin to add yaml properties to all files within a folder as well as to individual files. Ii might be useful for what you are trying to do.