Apply changes to cssclass style immediately

At present changes to my css snippet for the class defined in front-matter using the cssclass keyword only take effect after I close and re-open obsidian. This makes it slow to make and test changes. It would be great if changes could take immediate effect as they do for the built in css classes.

It turns out that this works on windows but not on linux. In fact any change to snippet files on windows have an immediate effect in obsidian for all classes not just those in front matter. However changes to snippet files on linux have no effect until you close and re-open the app.

I am currently storing my files in a google drive folder on a chromebook with that drive shared to linux. I don’t know if this has anything to do with it.

I have this issue too. I’m on linux and editing a custom theme.css, but I have to re-load the obsidian app every time I want to update the style.