Apple Watch - Share your workflows!

Looking to start a conversation about how people are using there Apple Watch as part of their note-taking workflows. Are there any apps or shortcuts people are using for browsing or capturing quick notes on the watch?

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Drafts is the go to app for me, I treat it like a virtual inbox that you add to throughout the day and move into other destinations later (Obsidian, Omnifocus etc.)

For the Apple Watch Drafts has a simple complication that on a tap goes straight into capture mode with the microphone that works really well.


I tried Drafts last year and gave up quickly since I was unable to automate it to save text directly to my journal. Are there any particular actions you use which you find integrate well with Obsidian?

I clicked into this thread looking for hope, but since I haven’t found much I will respond to this question.

You can set your Obsidian vault to the same folder as your Drafts app and any markdown text that Drafts captures will automagically be read by Obsidian when you next load the app.

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Here’s another way to use Drafts (haven’t tried it myself): Pull Daily Logs from Drafts into Obsidian by clicking a button (works great with the Drafts Watch Complication)

I use Obsidian partly a life tracking tool. As a hobby musician, I wanted to come up with a way of tracking my practice routine without having to get onto my computer or phone with the distraction that would entail. I think the Apple Watch is a really good tool for this.

I’ve come up with a way to do this using shortcuts. Since my Obsidian is linked to my iCloud, I can easily edit text Obsidian documents across my Apple Devices, including the watch. Here is an Apple Shortcut that writes to my “Practice Log” note.

The command adds the date and time as a header. It also allows me to choose which activity I’m doing (e.g., Warm-up, Sight-reading, or Repertoire), which instrument I’m playing (e.g., Guitar, Bass) and provide a free-form description of the specific task.

I’ve also created a Shortcut called “Log new practice segment” which adds to an entry:

The output looks something like this on Obsidian:


I am currently using two simple obsidian related shortcuts on my watch.

  1. Quick Note
    When I run this shortcut, I get the text input with the possibility of speech-to-text. My input gets directly saved in my obsidian inbox. Great for quick thoughts I don‘t want to forget.

  2. Add task
    I will get the same text input as the first one but here my text input will be formatted as a task. Also I can choose a due date directly. The Task gets written on a seperate task list.

hi densi,
I tried reproducing your workflow with your shortcuts, but on my watch, the shortcut always freezes after I stopped the recording … do you have any idea what could be wrong here?