Apple Shortcut to Create new note with template filled in

Hello everybody. Is there a way to build an Apple shortcut that created a new note with prefilled information.

I write reviews about Books I read, and I would like to select the title, trigger a shortcut and be prompted to some questions about the book.

I thought about using the templates for the prefilled information and the Obsidian URL to trigger the Shortcut. But the URL-Scheme has no option to select the template.

There’re many ways to accomplish this.

You could manage it almost entirely without URL schemes. Use Shortcuts Files actions to read the template file, save it as a variable, and then create a new File in your Obsidian vault directory with the variable as the content of the file.

Another approach is to use the Advanced URI plugin—it has URL schemes to launch commands within Obsidian. So, you could e.g., set up a Templater action to do what you’d like, then just execute that action.

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Quick add will let you configure a command that generates a prompt.

That almost let’s you do what you’re thinking here.

  1. From inside Obsidian (lame), activate Quick Add command
  2. Have it prompt you for book name. Paste from clipboard.
  3. Have Quick Add command create new note, use a template, and prepopulate content from the title you had in the clipboard.

I can’t find a way to trigger quick commands from outside Obsidian like with a shortcut.

Do QuickAdd commands show up in the command palette? If so, the Advanced URI plugin will work.

Cool. I got it running. Thank you!

But do you also run into the problem, that opening Obsidian in mobile via obsidian URL only works, when it was open within the last few hours? When Obsidian has to load the vault and all plugins again, it only opens the blank screen.

Actually, while I have experienced that issue too, I don’t think it’s tracked here on the forum. Mind creating a bug report? I will contribute what I’ve seen to it as well.

I keep an eye on it. At the moment, the new mobile update seems to have fixed it.

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