Apple Numbers File cannot be opened after dragging it into Obsidian

Hello everyone, I have a question/problem.

I use „Numbers" and „Pages“ on Mac instead of „Excel" and „Word", and I have the problem that if I drag a „Numbers" document into a note, that you can only click on it once, then the document opens as it should.
The second time, the file is split into its individual parts and is also displayed in the Obsidian attachment. Then the file cannot be opened again because it only consists of its individual parts. Does anyone have a solution for this?

Many thanks

Hi. I cannot reproduce your problem. You should record your problem so we can better understand what exactly happens at your end.

Dear @blue_emperor,

many thanks for answering - one more reason to love Obsidian :heart:.
I went through all the forums and placed questions. No result as of now :cry:.
So I am thankful for the opportunity here.

It took me a while to reproduce it but finally I have the proof :smiling_face:.
Sometimes it takes 1 min until the effect happens, sometimes longer.
Important to say is that the Numbers file is NOT damaged in the file system, it is just an Obsidian effect.

The Video shows the effect: Take a look at the first 2 minutes … then you can skip until 7:30, then it happens:

The Numbers File in Obsidian is not shown any more as one file but as individual parts of the file content in a subfolder named like the numbers file. Starting from the the numbers file cannot be accessed any more through Obsidian.

Many thanks for your time!

Thanks. I think your clip shows that the problem cannot be reproduced easily. I didn’t figure out any simple steps to reproduce it but I neither managed to reproduce it using more effort. I advise you to send updates if you discover an easier way to reproduce your problem. There is nothing to fix if you cannot reproduce your problem by following a simple instructions.

ok, many thanks

It seems your video has been deleted. Can you please share it again, or show a screenshot of what “split” means?

A screenshot would be better than a video that’s longer than 7 minutes. I think we just need to see what the end effect is first.

Do you have any community plugins installed? Especially ones meant to embed or show Numbers files?

You could paste your “Show Debug Info” here too. (run that command in Obsidian.)


Video (1 minute trimmed):

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