Apple iCloud and Obsidian - Backup concerns

Hi everyone.

I use TimeMachine (macOS proprietary backup) and my vault is stored on Obsidian folder in iCloud (so that I can access trough my iPhone and iPad. My time machine always backed up the whole iCloud Drive folder, hence also my vault.

But since I updated to sonoma that’s no longer the case, only my files inside icloud are being backed up, all app-specific files, and hence obsidian folder, are not being backed up anymore.

How do mac user go around this issue?

A search turns up some links that look like they might be relevant: icloud app specific folders time machine sonoma at DuckDuckGo

I already searched online. No answers

I didn’t know about those particular changes in Sonoma, but it makes little difference to me as I use FreeFileSync to back up multiple folders and files in one go to one or more external storage devices.

It looks complicated if you’re new to it, but doesn’t take very long to learn

I solved a couple of days ago with that same method :slight_smile:

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