Appimage vs Snap vs Flatpak...which is officially supported? Which gets automatic upates


Can somebody point me to authoritative information or provide which packaging for Linux the Obsidian devs prefer and support? AppImage is front and center on the download page. Does that mean that AppImage is what they prefer? Do you get updates with AppImage (does the app update itself when a new version is released?).

I’m on the latest version of ubuntu LTS released last week. Since canonical LOVES snap (me not so much…) does that mean I should get the Obsidian Snap? Same with Fedora…RH and Fedora love their flatpaks…should I use flatpak on those distros instead of snap or AppImage?

Some friendly guidance and assistance would be GREATLY appreciated!


Hi @Danathar , I’m not an Obsidian dev, just a regular user, but I use the AppImage on two platforms (Linux and Chromebook) so I can share my experience.

The AppImage install will update itself with the latest version of the application code. For example on one of my machines I installed the AppImage for 013.31 and it’s updated itself to 0.14.7 without me needing to take any action.

However, occasionally the devs will release an upgrade to the Electron platform or other low-level changes which require the installer itself to be updated. When I’m ready to upgrade I need to download a new AppImage and use it instead of the old one.

On my systems I maintain a symlink called “Obsidian-LATEST” that points to the most recent AppImage so I don’t have to keep updating my desktop files and icons and so forth.

Anyway, I hope this is helpful. I’m happy to answer more questions if I can.



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