AppImage Application Icon Missing in PopOS 20.04 Machine

Steps to reproduce

  1. Download the latest Obsidian version
  2. Run the application via Terminal chmod +x Obsidian.AppImage && ./Obsidian.AppImage
  3. It will run successfully but the application icon is missing.

Actual result


  • Operating system: PopOS 20.04
  • Obsidian version: Obsidian 0.9.1

I’m having the same issue on Ubuntu 20.04

A couple of things to try:

Same issue here, Ubuntu 20.04 with MATE Desktop.

Same issue here on Centos 7.8 running Cinnamon Desktop

@astrosticks @buxtehude have you tried what was posted in Meta Post - Linux tips, tricks & solutions to common problems? If that doesn’t work for you, could you please open a new #bug-reports using the template? Thank you!