Appending a Note's Title/Link to existing MOC from the Source Note

I’m learning about MOCs and wondering if: While i’m creating a note, from that Created Note pane, can I push/append that note title/link to an existing MOC. I’ve searched and came up empty. Seems arduous to, each time navigate to MOC, then create that note’s link. Thanks

You could use queries to create a dynamic MOC page, then when creating new notes you can add a tag or a link to the MOC to get it automatically added to the MOC page.

You could try the add links to current note plugin. The name is a bit confusing - you have to create a link to the MOC in the current note, move your cursor to that line and then execute the command. It will append a link with the current note name to the MOC note.

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That is beautiful! upon first try, will play with it more.
Add Links to Current Note community plug in ftw

You could also take a look at breadcrumbs. You’d only need parent properties and breadcrumbs would infer children and sibling notes.

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