Appearance weirdness on small E-ink tablet

Things I have tried

I searched through this forum and discord but didn’t enconter anyone with a similar issue.

What I’m trying to do

I’m trying to use obsidian on an android eink tablet I just got (Onyx Boox Leaf 2 - ONYX BOOX Leaf 2 E Reader :: ONYX BOOX electronic books). The app works, but there are some funky things going on with the user interface that I’m hoping to get some guidance on from anyone who has encountered anything similar to the issues I’m facing:

  1. Sometimes, seemingly randomly, the app will open up with the desktop user interface instead of the mobile user interface.
  2. When it opens up in the mobile user interface, features of the UI are a lot larger than I’d expect them to be and it looks odd.

I’m wondering whether this may have nothing to do with it being an e-ink device and just it being an odd aspect ratio (1264x1680 dots).

Any advice is appreciated!

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