App to convert all-caps handwriting to normal case?

I write handwritten notes in all caps, which seems to be a common method. It’s just simpler for me. But, every handwriting-to-text conversion I’ve used on iPad or macOS assumes (reasonably) that a capital letter is a capital letter and so that’s what I get. All caps.

I’m looking for an app that natively converts all caps to lower case and is smart enough to recognize proper nouns (in English), initial capitals, etc.

This road eventually leads to Obsidian, where I want these notes to reside ultimately. I currently use an intermediate – like TextSoap or Text Case – to make the caps-to-normal transition, but would enjoy having an app that does the handwriting recognition “correctly” from my point of view.


I’m an all-caps writer, too. When I used my Rocketbook I’d run things through the Convert Case web app. It wasn’t perfect, but fit my needs at the time.
I’m hoping someone has an alternative that works better with names and initials as well.

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