App: Return/done key at end of title should make new line at beginning of body

Use case or problem

In the iOS app, with “Show inline title” enabled, the note title shows as though it’s a top-level heading. When you want to add text to the top of the note, it would be intuitive to be able to set the caret at the end of the title/heading and press “return”.

But currently, the “return” key is a “done” key in this context and only stops editing the title, moving focus back to wherever it was in the body before starting to edit the title.

It’s an easier tap target than the start of the body because the font size is typically bigger plus there’s often a lot more tappable space, so it’s what I intuitively have done several times, but it hasn’t worked as expected, making the app feel a little broken.

Proposed solution

Change the button text from “done” to “return” and have it insert a new line at the top of the note with the caret before that new line. As though the title had been a heading at the start of the note.

Another option is to use the “Go to first line” command, which can be added to the mobile toolbar. It may be easier than trying to tap the start of the first line, tho it’s a smaller target that the title (tho it saves a key press).

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