App not obeying system's window manager (KDE)

Window resizing broken when using native window decorations with KDE Plasma. Particularly, when increasing width or height.

Steps to reproduce

  • Launch app
  • Remove borderless state by un-checking “No border” from Plasma menu (Alt+F3)
  • Drag frame / modifier-drag to increase width or height

Expected result

The app should follow window dimension increase in width or height

Actual result

The rendered portion of the app stays locked in the original size, and fully transparent (mouse clicks pass through) margins appear. The functioning portion of the app, e.g. text width for auto-wrapping and the title bar width, follows the new size.


  • Operating system: Kubuntu 20.04, Plasma 5.18.5
  • Obsidian version: 0.9.17

Additional information

Corresponding feature request Add option to enable/disable frameless mode