App lock is here

I just discovered there is an app lock plugin now (all credits to @ericbiewener) and felt that it hasn’t yet gotten the attention it deserves, so here’s a little shoutout. It’s called ‘Lock screen’ and it’s in the plugin store. It allows you to set a password and timeout and it will lock Obsidian after the set timeout.

I know for a lot of people this feature doesn’t really make sense (your files are still accessible through the file system etc), but for me the lack of such an app lock was what kept me from using Obsidian on my phone. I often let friends and familiy use my phone and I don’t want them to accidentally stumble upon my private thoughts.

Additional advise for iPhone users in a similar situation:

  • Uncheck Obsidian under Siri & Search so your notes won’t show up in Spotlight
  • If you use Obsidian sync with a local vault: Uncheck the local filesystem in the Files app sidebar, so your local files aren’t visible

Thanks for the share. I’ve been waiting for something like this.